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Testeur de batterie: evaluer la performance

Electrochemical testing equipment is an essential tool for battery performance evaluation as well as for fundamental electrochemical research. LANHE testers provide wide range of testing modes, current and voltage ranges. It could measure performances of half, full and three-electrode cells.



In evolving battery technology field there is a need for price and reliable electrochemical testing equipment. LANHE cyclers are able to perform with high precision, high reliability, easy to program and control. The software supports automatic data backup during the test. LANHE has wide variety of cyclers, temperature or voltage auxiliaries as well as accessories to them (tester racks, clips, cablets etc.)   CT300 series testers could be used in a laboratory set up with microcurrent range testers, as well as in a battery industry using high current testers. The voltage range of the testers is -5V~5V. CT300 series testers have customized current ranges from 1mA/2mA/5mA/10mA to 6A/12A (multiple ranges could be available on one device). The testers come with 8 independent channels that can be set in different modes, such as:

  • constant current charge and discharge mode
  • constant voltage charge mode
  • constant power
  • resistance discharge modes
  • rest mode

Multi-current Range battery test systems M340A & G340A are high precision battery test equipment. They can support battery, capacitor material research, half-cell, three-electrode cell tests in the voltage range of -5V~5V, current range 100uA up to 5A. Voltage and current test accuracy could go down to 0.01% of the selected range. M340A & G340A testers support custom pulse test with a minimum pulse width of 2mS. Both testers can make high rate fast charge tests with high accuracy. M340A and G340A have full coverage of the measurement records of the voltage, current, coulombic efficiency, capacitance, internal resistance (DCIR), and more for precision energy storage materials research. Integrated UPS and data storage are included to prevent data loss during a power/network failure.


Example of a specification
LAND CT3002K5V1A&6A8CHSpecifications
Items Indicators
Input Power Source AC 220V±10%/50HZ (AC 110V customizable)
Max. Input Power 800W
Resolution AD: 16bit; DA: 12bit
Input Impedence ≥1MΩ
Voltage Test Range Charge: 0V-5V; Discharge: 0V-5V
Min. discharge voltage 0V
Measurement Accuracy 0.05%FS
Current Test Range 2mA-6A
Error ≤0.5mA
Measurement Accuracy 0.05%FS
Output Power of Each Channel 30W
Time Current Response Time 10mS
Step Interval 20mS
Available Setup ≤365*24Hours/Step Time Format 00:00:00 (h:min:s)
Data Record Conditions △t: 20mS-7200S
△U: 2mV-5V
△I: 2uA-2000A
Frequency 10Hz
Charge Model HOLD, CC, CV, CP, DCIR, CRATE
Constraints Voltage, Current, Time, Capacitance etc. almost 20 kinds
Discharge Model HOLD, DC, DP, DR, DRATE
Constraints Voltage, Current, Time, Capacitance etc. almost 20 kinds
Cycle Times 1-65000
Max. Steps/Cycle 1100
Max. Nesting Layers 3
Protection Mechanism Power outage, Anti-reverse connection Settable protective parameters: Upper/Lower limit of voltage, Upper/Lower limit of current, Overcharge, Over discharge, CC Anti-voltage change, CV Anti-current change, Correlate channel temperature/voltage/pressure
Testing Mode Four Electrodes (Also can be applied in tri-electrode)
Channels Independent
Noise ≤75dB
Communication Mode RS422
Data Format CES、EXCEL
Environment Temperature: -10℃-50℃ (Best 23±2℃) Humidity: ≤95%



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