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Our services

Our entire team puts its skills at your disposal to help you choose your R&D tools and consumables.

Our added-value

Technical advise :

Analyse and identify your true technical requirements and propose you the right products.

Customize :
Possible to customize different aspect of the product to meet your unique recherche needs.

Worry-free of custom paperworks :
Incoterm DDP, transport included, zero custom declaration paperworks for you, order and receive, so simple.

Outsource and filter :
We choose credible suppliers, products with solid quality. If you are looking for a specific product,Β contact us!

Consulting / Broker service

Supply management:

We can help you find alternative solutions to solve supply problems.

Quality management:

We can help you understand and solve quality problems quickly.

Negotiation and Strategy:

We can help support your project with your partner in China.

New technologies:

We keep up with the latest material/battery technologies and can adapt them to your specific needs.

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