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6. Matériaux et consommables

Nous distribuons des équipements et des matériaux de qualité pour le R&D, nous collaborons avec les fournisseurs fiables, leaders de leurs industries.

Battery materials

– Cathode powders and électrodes

– Anode powders and électrodes

– Cu and Al foils

– Separators

Battery testing accessories

– Battery clips

– Cables

– Cell holders

– Racks for testers

Ceramic Adhesives & Coating and Refractory Board

Coin cell preparation accessories

– Coin cell cases: steel, coated (Au, Pt, Ti coating)

– Coin cell cases with Kapton windows

– Spacers

– Springs etc.


– Al2O3, BN, Y2O3, YSZ etc.

Diamond Compound Polishing Paste

Fitting, Valve and Feedthrough

Heating Elements

Milling Balls

– Alumina/Stainless Steel/YSZ/ Agate/Tungsten Carbide

Pouch cell preparation accessories

– Al laminated films for pouch cell cases

– Tabs

– Adhesive polymer tapes etc.

Processing tubes and blocks

Redox flow batteries accessories

– Redox flow cells

– Components of the redox flow cells

– Anti corrosive electrolyte tanks

Sealing flanges for tubes

SiC Sand Disc

Silicone and Copper O-rings

Split test cells

– Split coin cells (2 and 3 electrodes)

– Split pouch cells

– Split Electrolyzers

– Split cylindrical cells

– Compressive jigs etc.

Thermal Couples

– K, S, B Types

Vacuum Gauges, Pressure Controller and Flow Meters

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